Monday, February 05, 2007

Writers Block & Monday's

I can think of a billion things to write when I am not at the computer, but then when I get here and see the blank white screen in front of me...

So today went as usual. Get up (good), drive kids to seminary (good), come home and read scriptures (really good), fall asleep while reading scriptures (ummm...), wake up to the doorbell-- kids home from seminary (already?), breakfast (muffins--yumm), choretime (listen to kids fight over chores), laundry, dishes, (etc. etc. etc.), oops forgot devotional (oh well, too late), writing time with kids (fight with older son), go in closet and cry (daily), lunchtime (bagel with lots of cream cheese), try out new workout place with older kids (spend rest of day recovering), go to park and play baseball with little boys (ouch...boy can he swing!), go to market for dinner fixins' (fish & chips!), oh yea, forgot to finish laundry, house is a mess, oops-- is the fish defrosted? (where are those dang kids), Hubby's on his way home-- gotta go!