Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Effectively speaking...

I have been studying The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People. It's affected me greatly. It has also had a significant effect on my family. I have been more kind to my family , and it isn't an affected kindness, truly I am trying to effect change within myself so that I can have more of a positive affect on others. As I have tried to put into effect the principles I have learned and I see how it is positively affecting my family I feel pretty darn good about the effect I am having.

Affectionately yours,

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Poof...it's gone.

Today in the shower I decided that I needed a waterproof recorder so that I could record all the posts that go through my mind whilst cleansing myself.

As the mist from the hot water swirls around in the air, so do thoughts swirl in my mind.

I write the most profound posts as the hot water washes over me, purifying my body and my mind.

Then I turn off the tap.

I open the door.

And as the mist dissipates into the air...so do my thoughts.

Monday, November 02, 2009

I Am A Tree

If there are new posts from me on your Google Reader (or whatever you use), don't get too excited...I just imported the posts from my old blog.

But while I'm here I'll tell you something I learned the other day.

I've been studying Isaiah again. I love that man.

Anyway he refers to the righteous as "trees of righteousness" so I started thinking about that comparison and here are my scribbles.

Trees have strength. A strong core holds them upright in a gale.
Their roots run deep. They seek living water.

They grow upwards toward heaven, always reaching towards the sky.

They are majestic and hardy.

They suffer through heat and cold.

They are glorious and versatile, showing their beauty through all seasons, from the beautiful green in summer, to the glorious foliage of autumn, to the starkness of winter when they are naked, yet unashamed to the world, to the renewal of spring with the bud and the bloom.

They are fruitful, some bearing sweetness, others of a more savory nature.

No two are the same, even those of the same species have their own unique shape.

I wish to be called a "tree of righteousness...a branch of the Lord...beautiful and glorious."*

*2 Nephi 14:2, Isaiah 61:3