Wednesday, January 06, 2010

In Which

I'm happy to report
that my laundry is done...
for this week anyway
Yes, I did 17 loads in 4 days
No, it was not fun
But it was cheap
I made my own laundry soap
It only costs .007 per load
Ok, I'm not sure that is right
but I can't find my calculator on my computer
That's how computer savvy I am

Ok, I'm done writing in short sentences without periods. . . . See all those periods? Oooo and even a question mark.

Ok, I'm being a bit silly.

You know what I did this morning? I put a pad of paper and a pen by my shower so that as soon as I stepped out I could record my thoughts before they dissipated into thin air. The first four lines I typed are what came out of my head.......

OK! So not everything that I think of in the shower is profound,


I did think of another post that I am working on that is pretty profound.

So get ready to step on over
I'll be putting my best foot forward
Stepping out in style
Tappin' my feet

Perhaps sometime in the near future I'll post it.

(But don't hold your breath.)

And now I'm tiptoeing off to bed.