Tuesday, September 25, 2007

A Tale of Tangles

If my camera were charged up I would take a picture of all the cords that are attached to my desktop computer, there are about 18...EIGHTEEN! It was a chore untangling them, and THEN I had to remember where they all went when I moved the computer downstairs! Thank goodness I had my 12 year old daughter (the tweenager) helping me or I would have never figured it all out! As it is, we ended up with about five cords left over that we weren't sure where they went...but the computer is running fine, so go figure. Contrast that to my laptop that has one cord running to it.

We're almost done moving. All the rooms are switched and just need some fine tuning. I'm still about a week away, but then life will be sweet, because I will reunited with my best friend!

I'm almost done with my next Isaiah post, hopefully it will be the next one up.

Have a great day!


PJ said...

I'd hide under my blanket if I had to untangle all the computer cords.

Dedee said...

I purposely never touch the computer or the TV so that I don't fry anything in the transfer. That is dh's job, and one I willingly let him have.

Elizabeth said...

EIGHTEEN??? That's a lot of cords.

Calamity Jane said...

I would have just rolled into a fetal position and silently rocked until my hubby got home. I am impressed! Excited to read Isaiah!

mindyluwho said...

It's a good thing my kids are computer savvy, because my husband is definately not. He never uses a computer. When he wants to get on the internet, I have to log him in!