Saturday, November 01, 2008

...does whatever a spider can...

I wasn't tagged, but when I saw this post of Michal's I had to look and see what picture I would find.

Here are the rules. Post the fourth picture in the fourth folder of your picture files. Tell us about the picture. Tag a friend or two.

I found this picture taken in September of 2007:

And they like to dress up.

As superheros.

And do what superheros do.

Thanks for the fun game Michal! Since I wasn't tagged, I won't tag anyone, but if anyone feels like playing, let me know!


Yvonne said...


Michal said...

impressive, spidey!

i'm glad you liked it. i should have tagged you. so far, only one of my tags has played along.

Nancy Face said...

Love that picture! :)

Rebecca said...

That is an awesome picture! I'm glad he didn't decide to try to hang upside down!