Wednesday, January 21, 2009


I'm still here.

The first of the year is always hard for me. I get overwhelmed with what I haven't done, you know, that setting of goals and not keeping them thing. I'm doing something different this year and when I figure it out I will let you know...maybe.

I'm also trying to keep my head above water with my children's I'm knee deep in the Constitution right now and neck deep in writing assignments.

And...on top of it all, we are moving. Not to the house that we were supposed to have built 3 years ago, but to another rental, with a little more room, just so I can keep my sanity.

I, of course, feel somewhat guilty of this because I know that I am very blessed in having comforts in my life, can only take so much of three teenage girls sharing a room.

So, know that I read your blogs and I will comment now and again, but life, for awhile, will get the best of me.



Yvonne said...

I can identify with that feeling of being overwhelmed. It must just be this time of year.

I'm sorry about your house, but these economic times are tough. It's wonderful that you can recognize the blessings you have. Hugs.

Michal said...

are you staying pretty close to where you were before?

i'm sorry that things are still on hold with your house. i really wish that we could buy that other parcel from you and be neighbors. i think that we are all getting used to the idea of sitting tight for a while.

let me know if you need help with your move, or just want to bring your boys over for an afternoon while you pack without having them in your hair.

Maine Mom said...

Good to know you are still around and keeping busy. :-) Life would be pretty dull if we weren't busy wouldn't it? Of course, dull is welcome every now and then. Anyway, good luck with the move...and life!

Carrot Jello said...

Oy, I thought 2 teenage daughters sharing a room was bad.

Tamlynn said...

Hang in there! i hope things go smoothly with your move.

Suzanne said...

I have a hard time at the beginning of the year too. I hope February comes soon for the both of us! Good luck with your move. I'm always constantly amazed at how much stuff we have when it gets taken out of the cupboards!

Rebecca said...

I can identify a lot with the 'being overwhelmed' part. We're far behind with school, and it was going so well before I got pregnant.

My solution is to get workbooks for them so at least they don't have to wait for me. Professor needs to get more responsible anyway.

Hang in there, and I wish I could help you! I know how hard it is to move!

And thanks for your sweet comments on both my blogs. You made my day! I have more written of the story, but I haven't posted yet because I want to be two chapters ahead of my actual posts.

Nancy Face said...

3 teenage girls sharing a room? That could make for some drama, I'm sure! I hope the move goes well and that the extra space will be helpful. Best wishes to you! :)

Jenny said...

I know how you feel. This is about all the time I hav

Millie said...

I sooooo hear you. I'm sorry. It's pretty easy to get overwhelmed. Hope things get better soon.