Thursday, October 22, 2009

Dear Mom,

Happy Birthday.

You have been gone over six years now and I still miss you.

I miss your soft hands.

I miss your hugs.

I miss calling you and hearing you tell me how wonderful you think I am.

When you're house hunting for my mansion, please make sure it has a wraparound porch with a couple of rocking chairs so we can sit and catch up. And you can tell me things like who shot JFK and I'll tell you things like I totally get you now that I'm a mom with teenagers.

I'll tell you about that Relief Society lesson we had a couple of weeks ago on honoring your parents and how I raised my hand and said that the best way I knew of to honor you was to be the kind of woman you wanted me to be. And how it made me think of The Poem, you know, the one your mother gave to you and you gave it to your daughters...

My Daughter

I whispered my prayer to an angel

As it flew toward the gates of pearl,

And lo, on the wings of morning

God sent me a baby girl.

In her eyes still lingered the starlight

On her cheeks the soft tint of a rose;

She was all that I dreamed of and longed for

From her head to her tiny pink toes.

And I prayed as I nourished my treasure

That her body and mind would grow right,

That life would unfold all its richness

In response to a soul clean and bright.

And I pledged all the love of a mother,

All the spirit of childhood reborn,

All the bonds of a friendship through girlhood,

All the trust through to womanhood’s mourn.

Where I hope to see standing a symbol

Of purity, courage, and love,

Ready to face life undaunted,

Through the prayer that was whispered above.

~Author Unknown

I will keep striving to live up to that standard.

Thank you for giving me life.

I love you.



Scuttle said...

I only knew your Mother in this life briefly, I loved her.
She Loved my sister so much and tried to be a good mother to her. For that I am grateful. Even to this day whenever I see Cookies I think of the Christmas after she was gone and my sister's family received a big bunch of cookie cutters. Grandma Cookie is to this day still remembered and Honored. Thanks for your wonderful post.

Yvonne said...

What a sweet post. Your feelings about your mother so touch my heart. I love the poem.

(I need to tell you that knowing who killed JFK is one of my questions when I get there, too ; )

Farmgirl Paints said...

Sweet post. You definitely need to go to camp. Link to it and check it won't be sorry. I think it's Let me know what you think.

Nancy Face said...

You have me crying now. That was beautiful.

Jenny said...

That was so beautiful...I need to work on making that poem up in a pretty way to put in Jessica's room. She needs a touch of Grandma Cookie everyday!