Saturday, December 26, 2009

Wii Caved

Wii said wii'd never buy a gaming system.

Santa brought a Wii for Christmas this year.

My boys nearly fainted when they unwrapped it.

They have played on it almost non-stop since Christmas day.

I think their brains are turning to mush.

The only thing that is saving them is the trampoline that Santa brought as well.

They play the Wii. They go out and jump. They come in and play the Wii. They go out and jump.

This morning the light was on downstairs at 6 am.

I went down and found my son playing the Wii.

I confiscated the controllers and sent him to bed.

My husband went down at 7 am.

Son was outside jumping on the trampoline!


Carrot Jello said...

wii got one too.

Maine Mom said...

A wii was on Zoe's list this year, but Santa didn't deliver. Santa figured a new Nintendo game would do, and it did.

I loved seeing the pictures of your family in your previous post!

Yvonne said...

I hope you all enjoy it--I've played and loved it. We have our annual New Years Day party coming up and one of our friends is bringing their Wii so we can all have fun.

O Beautiful Mother said...

Welcome to the world of fun and are right to say hooray we have a trampoline it brings a bit of balance to life...with children.... I must confess I love to play Animal Crossing!! I heard recently that some senior's places are putting Wii's in their rec rooms for them to play the sports and fit games together with. Who would have thought.....

Elizabeth said...

We bought a Wii in November for the kid's Christmas gift but Sandro was too anxious to wait! We told the kids they couldn't play it until Christmas, since that's what it was intended for, and they were incredibly patient and never got mad, even when they caught us playing it! And since they had to get used to NOT playing it for so long, they hardly ever ask to play it now!!! I trained them well. :) (Of coure it also helped that it's located in our bedroom which means they can't get up at 6:00 am to play it!)