Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Me Me Me from A to Z

A - Available/Single: Married.
B - Best Friend: Jeff, Laura, my sisters, my sisters-in-law.
C- Cake or Pie: Cheesecake, German chocolate cake, cherry pie, Black Forest cake…oh, and Birthday Cake!
D - Day Of Choice: Today of course, it’s my birthday.
E - Essential Item You Use Everyday: My computer, it’s essential isn’t it? I mean I need to keep in touch...
F - Favorite Colour: Red, most definitely red and various shades of red, like coral.
G - Gummy Bears Or Worms: Neither, I hate those things. Pass the malted milk balls please.
H – Hometown: Can you guess?
I – Indulgence: Lindt dark chocolate truffles.
J - January Or July: February actually.
K – Kids… Yes, six: The Drifter, Bug, Bob 1 & Bob 2, Thing 1 & Thing 2 (more descriptions to follow in later post.)
L - Life Is Incomplete Without: Me. Oh that sounds so self absorbed…but it’s my birthday! Ok, chubby little cheeks to pinch.
M - Marriage date: August 12.
N - Number Of Siblings: Eight, I’m the second in line. Oldest girl. Lots of diapers. Before disposable. Get the picture?
O - Oranges Or Apples: Mandarin oranges, those little yummy things that I can eat like candy!
P - Phobias/Fears: Suspensful movies.
Q - Favorite Quote: “Ignorance is not not knowing, it’s knowing what isn’t so.” Attributed to Mark Twain.
R - Reason to Smile: I’m quilting.
S – Season: Autumn, most definitely. Lots of red colors in Autumn.
T - Tag 3 or 4 people: You, you, you!
U - Unknown Fact About Me: Secretly I think it would be cool to act in a Shakespeare play.
V - Vegetable you don’t like: brussel sprouts, asparagus cooked too long.
W - Worst Habit: Clicking my jaw. It drives my husband crazy.
X - X-rays You’ve Had: Dental, and my back...car wreck…thanks Jenn!
Y - Your Favorite Food: Steak, that my husband makes, he’s the BEST cook!
Z - Zodiac Sign: I can’t spell it, it starts with a P.


Yvonne said...

Happy Happy Birthday. Hope you have a fabulous day, and that your husband makes you a delicious steak ; )

I think this meme is such a fun one. I learned so much about you.

Kimberly said...


Cute meme!

Maine Mom said...

Happy Birthday! There's a lot of yummy food mentioned in this post. I think I need to go eat a snack. :-)

The Practicalist said...

Happy Birthday, Sis!

Today you are you
This is truer than true
There is no one alive who is you'er than you
Shout aloud, 'I am glad to be what I am!
At least I'm not a ham
or a clam
or a dusty old jar of gooseberry jam.
I am what I am!
What a great thing to be!
And if I do say so myself
'Happy Everyday to Me!'


Rebecca said...

Oh, man. I missed your birthday!



Did you hear me from Missouri? I hope so. I loved the meme. Mandarin oranges are so good!

Scuttle said...

Happy birthday Mindy!!!!

No wonder you and PJ get along so well you both love red!

Elizabeth said...

Leave it to Sam to quote Dr. Seuss!

And your "...things that I can eat like candy" phrase is something Mom used to say!!!

Geesh, you sure were selfish yesterday. Hope it was perfect!!!

Michal said...

i'm with you on the gummy worms. who needs em? i'll take chocolate any day!

Nancy Face said...

This is late...I don't know about you, but I'm still getting belated burp-day wishes, and I'm LOVING them! So here goes...

(To the tune of Allouette!)


I ♥ CHEESECAKE! I ♥ RED! I hate gummy stuff!