Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Two for you

Today was business as usual...on Wednesdays I leave my home at 9:30 am and am pretty much on the go the rest of the day taking kids to and fro, from here to there and everywhere. But as promised, even though it is 11 pm and I should be in bed, I'm posting a Meme just for you.

Two names I go by:
Mind (short i)
Two things I'm wearing right now:
Grey sweatshirt
Purple striped pj bottoms
Two things I'd want or have in a relationship:
Patience (with me)
Two of my favorite things to do:
Two things I want very badly right now:
Our property to sell
Our property to sell
Two things I did last night:
Read Les Miserables
Ate a piece of German Chocolate cake (homemade by my fabulous husband/chef)
Two things I ate yesterday:
Aforementioned German Chocolate cake
Cupcake with pink icing
Two things I did today:
Renewed a friendship
Read Les Miserables
Two longest car rides:
Taking my son to the hospital
Driving from California to British Columbia in 24 hours straight
Two favorite Holidays:
Two favorite beverages:
Strawberry lemonade
Two jobs I’ve had in my life:
Window washer
Service provider for mentally disabled
Two places I’ve lived:
Paradise, Utah
Broken Arrow, Oklahoma
Two of my favorite foods:
Cheetos Natural Cheese Puffs
Cheesecake (made by my husband)
Two places I’d rather be right now:
In my new home that isn’t built yet

Thank you to everyone for my birthday wishes! I love my birthday, I look forward to it every year because it is MY day and I feel special all day long!

And did you know that 69 + 25 makes 94 which means I only have six posts left until the BIG 100! And that I passed my 1 year bloggy anniversary on January 25 and didn't even know it?! Wow, I've been doing this for a year...that's the longest I've ever stuck with anything on purpose!


PJ said...

Wow, I'm so impressed with that chef of yours!

Happy blogiversary!

Yvonne said...

I love meme's ; ) I sure hope your property sells soon.

Good for you to have a one year blogiversary!!! Can't wait for your 100th post.

Elizabeth said...

I wish you were in Oklahoma too. *sniff sniff* I didn't know about your previous jobs, but I don't ever remember you working either. I guess the age gap between us is pretty relevent sometimes. ;)

Rebecca said...

I love memes too. Happy Belated Blogiversary!

Yum to strawberry lemonade..have you tried putting raspberries instead of strawberries? So tasty!


Maine Mom said...

Okay, here is another meme with lots of yummy food mentioned! You are blessed to have a husband that cooks such delicious food. :-)

I hope your property sells soon. I'd rather be in my house that isn't built yet, too!

I'm glad you have kept up with your blog. Happy Blogiversary!

Kimball said...

love the new look.
i feel your pain on the ride to the hospital. once i had to take a helicopter life-flight with my five week old baby to the hospital. i prayed the whole way that he'd survive and wondered if i'd held him enough . . . thank goodness he's a healthy six year old today.
and i'm so glad that you're still blogging. happy blogiversary.

Michal said...

oops. i just posted a comment as my son. that was me, not kimball!

Nancy Face said...


Happy Bloggiversary :)

Your hubby makes CHEESECAKE? I want some! ;)

Isn't Les Miserables wonderful?

Lauren said...

How fun, to renew a friendship, and eat desserts your hubby makes!