Saturday, September 05, 2009

In Which I Can't Juggle

Several days ago I emailed a friend with a question. She never answered me. I ran into her a couple of days later and asked how she was doing. She said she felt like she had too many balls in the air and they had all fallen down. I know how she feels. My balls have all dropped and I feel like I'm trying to navigate my way through them only to find myself slipping and sliding all over the place as I step on them and they roll out from under my feet!

Balls in the air:

Prepare for and teach Civil War class
Prepare for and teach Finance class
Prepare for and teach various other school subjects to children
Must find tutor
Fill out charter school paperwork
Fill out private school paperwork
Change mind on charter school
Fill out new charter school paperwork
Prepare for and teach Webelos scouts
Chauffer kids to various places
Make sure college tuition is paid
Make sure books are bought
Money is flying out of my pocket like a rocket ship
Work up chore schedule
Work up school schedule
Shop for new bike
Keep up with scripture reading
Try to keep FHE interesting
Try to organize house
Try again
Be happy that the silverware drawer is in order
Fix computer
Keep kids off computer
Keep self off computer

Sometimes I wish I were a pioneer and all I had to do was walk.
Except, I know...they really didn't have it easy.

OK then, I wish I were a character in a Jane Austen novel.
I'd be a gentleman's daughter with a rich dowry and a dashing husband.
That's really my favorite era...I love the dresses and fancy balls and beautiful houses.

Sometimes I wish I were a bird and could just soar above all my bouncing balls.

Sometimes I wish my kids would come home on time so I didn't have to stay up so late thinking of all the balls that are dropping.

Oh! Wish granted!



Rebecca said...

Juggling is tough! I can't do more than three balls at a time. That goes for real-life stuff too. Although there, I can't seem to juggle more than one thing at a time!

Does typing a comment while nursing a baby count? :)

Yvonne said...

It is tough trying to keep all those balls in the air.

I guess I keep trying to remember there is a time and a season--right now my season is quite different.

I read Rebecca's comment about typing while nursing a baby and had to say "way to go Rebecca "

Nancy Face said...

Whew! That's a LOT of balls in the air!

You're doing great things...hang in there! :)

Jami said...

You are doing great things. I'll be praying for you.